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You don’t need a green thumb to shop at Pumpkinvine Gardens Flower Shoppe! We specialize in annual flowers that are bursting with color and require minimal care. Although we offer a wide variety of annuals and select perennials (flowers come back year after year), below are some of the many flowers we have for sale. 

Mandevilla is a tropical flower that loves full sun and needs to be watered only several days a week. Their striking blooms will last until the fall. The trellis options have vines that will crawl up deck posts and mailboxes. Simply tie a piece of fishing line to the tip of a vine and wrap it around the object you want it to climb!

Hibiscus plants are known for their large, colorful flowers. They thrive in sun and do best when replanted in a larger container or the ground. Although we only carry the annual variety, they can be brought indoors before temperatures dip to 50 degrees and can last until next season with proper care. They need water several times a week and may require daily watering as the season becomes hotter.

Kimberly Queen Ferns and Macho Ferns do not shed and can tolerate partial sun. They look gorgeous hanging on a porch or in a wrought iron container. Turning them weekly will help prevent their leaves from burning and browning on the tips. Watering is required several days a week.

These full-sun combination baskets will look gorgeous until October. The red or pink center Mandevilla will climb up the hanger and chain with stunning flowers cascading over the basket. 

Geraniums are available in deep red and varieties of pink. They require frequent watering and prefer partial sun. Geraniums will continue to bloom if drier flowers are pinched off at the base of the stem. Gardeners often call this “dead heading.” Although they are an annual, they can be kept indoors in a sunroom. With enough indoor sunlight, they can bloom indoors all year long.

Wandering Jews do best in partial sunlight and like to be kept moist. It’s better to underwater than overwater this plant. Without enough light, the variegation of their leaves begins to fade. This perennial can be an indoor or outdoor plant. Wandering Jews can easily root by pinching the stems and using these cuttings in other containers.

Sedum is our number one selling ground cover. This succulent is so hearty that it rerooted in the gravel of our flower shoppe! It looks gorgeous cascading in front of a container. As a perennial, it will come back year after year and loves full sun. This amazing plant requires minimal water.

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